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A true survivor, this building has seen war and peace,
fire and storms, neglect and restoration, to stand as a
witness to 250 years of American history.
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Welcome to one of the most historic buildings in the United States! 
Completed in 1764, Proprietary House has served as a
residence to New Jersey's last royal governor, a stylish hotel,
a private mansion, a retirement home, a boarding house, and now
a museum.  Proprietary House is the the only remaining official royal governor’s mansion still standing in the original 13 colonies.  ​


Proprietary House is owned by the State of New Jersey and the museum is operated by the non-profit Proprietary  House Association. We serve the community, hosting guided tours, lectures, concerts, storytelling, ghost tours, and teas. The museum's 
beautiful spaces are available for rent for special occasions such as weddings, dinners, meetings, and luncheons.


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